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"fresh feeling"


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It starts with a stir, a longing for the warm summer air and blue skies while the dull and dark is pressed upon on us. Suddenly, the brightness comes and inspires us to stretch our legs and put a smile on our face.

"fresh feeling" was discovered on Tiffa's journey through electronic music; an easy choice as the song embodies all the wonders of spring time with the light beat, beautiful strings, and calm voice. On a black ground with lavender, teal, and white ditzy flowers, this cotton poplin bow tie could put a bounce in any gentleman's step.

"Birds singing a song, old paint is peeling. This is that fresh, that fresh feeling." -Eels

100% cotton-dry clean only-Made in the USA

Bow tie measures approx. 4" across, has a 13" to 18" adjustable hook and ribbon when ordered as self tied. This bow tie is available as a self tied, pre tied, or children's pre tied.

To listen to the Sweet Awakening playlist that inspired the collection, go here.