knot by TIFFA

"gold boots glitter"


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To keep a comfortable life for others, there are those who risk everything to keep us safe. While some may never see the harsher points of life, loved ones of those, who have ventured to protect, know to cherish every bright moment in their day.

"gold boots glitter", inspired by the Wheeler Brothers, exemplifies the hope of returning home safely into a loved one's arms. This gold metallic paisley jacquard glimmers with true American spirit and embodies the brightness in the patience of love.

"So won't you wait for me, to someday see what we might finally be. Between winter's end and next year's summer smile."

100% polyester-dry clean only

Bow tie measures approx. 4" across, has adjustable strap with a maximum length of 19". This bow tie is available as a self tied or pre tied.