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"i've been around"


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There is always a love that can play with the mind and heart. While this love thinks it can sneak, eventually their game is exposed. This is the type of love that can educate the heart or turn the mind cold.

“i’ve been around”, inspired by the Wheeler Brothers, is for the gentleman mending his broken heart by a love who never had the right intentions. The gentleman will learn from his mistakes and move to the next great love. This paisley, while somber, is full of color; showing the range of emotions love can bring.

“From songs that sing how my broke back is not bending enough for you. So, don’t you wait on my telephone call. I’ll take you letters down to the water, sink bottles to the Gulf of Mexico.”

100% silk-dry clean only

Bow tie measures approx. 4" across, has adjustable strap with a maximum length of 19". This bow tie is available as a self tied or pre tied.