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"losing you"


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A voice like honey arranged in a steady delivery, with the surrounding songs reminiscent of a 90s playground.

"losing you" is a song embracing the potential of whimsy embodied in downtempo. Tiffa started looking into this song after seeing a tweet about it being unreasonably overshadowed by her sister. The right tweet at the right time became a bow tie with fun version of plaid using a bright turquoise and lilac on cotton poplin, perfect for the gentleman looking for his race day ensemble.

"Just treat me good and, baby, I'll give you the rest of me. I'm not the one you should be making your enemy." -Solange

100% cotton-dry clean only-Made in the USA

Bow tie measures approx. 4" across, has a 13" to 18" adjustable hook and ribbon when ordered as self tied. This bow tie is available as a self tied, pre tied, or children's pre tied.

To listen to the Sweet Awakening playlist that inspired the collection, go here.